Unlock Your Patreon Content

If you choose to support us on Patreon, you’re in the right place! This project is only possible thanks to Patreons, people who choose to support us there. As a reward: Get all our exclusive content—Early Access to Episodes, Patreon Exclusive Comics, Art & Side Stories, all of that—accessible on your very own device with just a click! Your support counts a lot! I’ll personally welcome you if you join.

Here is how;

Welcome to Patreon

Then, visit:

Refresh and done! ✨


Everyone so far, without exception, has reported being able to see the reward at the end, so please bear with us if you can’t. There are only three possible reasons:

  • Refresh: You may need to refresh the page after logging in.
  • Incorrect Account: Make sure the email and credentials you are using to log in are the same ones you used to pledge on Patreon. This site allows logging in with any email for free access to comment, but only accounts that have pledged to a Patreon tier will be able to see our exclusive content.
  • Wait for the Cache update: Users who initially couldn’t see the content reported accessing it after 15-20 by refreshing the page. Browsers sometimes need time to update cached content.
  • Deleting the cache manually: If, after a long while, it still doesn’t work (30 minutes) we recommend this Chrome Extension! Instead of trying to delete it manually, here is why: deleting your cache manually from Chrome can delete the cache for ALL Chrome sessions and can also delete many things you don’t want to be deleted. But with this extension, you can delete the cache only for the site you are viewing, a single site, our site, with just one click! This extension has become a go-to for us. 100% recommend. Troubleshooting aside, it’s marvelous!

If you still can’t see the content after trying these steps, please send us a private message on Patreon, and we will help you gain access.